A time capsule of millennial feminism taken from the MOTHERSHIP festival, Southern California's only overnight festival driven exclusively by feminists.



The Mothership Festival has been hailed as the "Most bad ass female-driven festival in the world," by Raw Femme.

Laura Wise, Director & Founder of the Mothership Festival reached out to filmmaker Beth Nelsen after seeing Nelsen's Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers and asked if she'd be willing to make a film about Mothership. Fascinated by the evolutions of feminist identity and an expansive understanding of intersectionality and a desire to capture what feminism means today, Beth agreed to make the film and set out to the desert of the Coachella Valley, along with 6 other women: Ana Grillo (Co-Director of Meet the Beavers), Marcela Coto, Kristina Rodriguez, Victoria Rodriguez, Christina Nelsen and their daughter, the only baby who was allowed to enter the 21+ event.



To gather the stories of MOTHERSHIP'S participants in such a short time.

The Mothership Festival lasts only 3 days, so time was limited. This “safe space,” an all women's, trans inclusive, three-year young festival in the Coachella Valley is the only over night, women's only festival in Southern California. Over the course of the documentary, themes of feminism, gender identity, the need for such safe spaces, and other topics unique to this fourth wave of intersectional feminism are explored. Tegan & Sara, Madame Gandhi, Whitney Mixter, Siham and Iman Hashi of FAARROW, and festival founder Laura Wise, are among the diverse collection of voices raising this visually festive celebration of feminism.